Comic Colors

Did you know that there is a science to colors in the comic book world? There is. It has changed quite a bit by now but originally every super hero wore primary colors: red, blue, and yellow. Think about it. Superman, Spider-man, the original Batman, Wonder Woman, Captain America, Wolverine, Cyclops, Fantastic Four, and many more all wore primary colors. Then super villains wore secondary colors to make them stand out from the good guys. Think about Doc Oc, Dr. Doom, Dr. Zoom, Galactus, Magneto, Lex Luthor, Hob Goblin, the Joker, Sinestro, and all the others who wear purple, orange, and green. You can imagine what innocent bystanders wore, right? They are meant to wear neutral colors like brown, grey, black, and white.

This is so you can easily separate the good guys from the bad guys from far away. Its like color conditioning. In movies, don’t all the bad guys wear black?

What I love the most are the characters in question. Think about Gambit, the Hulk, Vision, and the Martian Manhunter. What colors are they wearing? That’s right, secondaries. That’s because they’re heroes whose motives are questioned. Are they good or bad? No one knows. Its what the colors say. Isn’t that awesome.

Well, to celebrate this phenomenon, I decided to make a skateboard using villain colors. Does it look evil?



Kristina Chung

Kristina Chung Avatar

I love your skateboard design, but I don’t think it looks that evil or menacing. Perhaps you just broke the stereotype of villain colors. Plus i love all three of those colors :) … does that make me a villain? I also now have reasoning to believe why going to the doctors is bad. Three of the super villains you named were doctors!!

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