Christian Designers

Very few Christians are designers. That’s not totally true. I bet there could be tons of them else where but not in my circle of contacts. And I guess that isn’t totally true either because I knew several art majors in college that were Christians. Plus, every church I’ve ben to has had a “visual art” time or something to let “visual” people excel (I always thought that they were kind of lame and forced). So there are Christian designers but few blend their world’s of design and God together.

Its totally understandable. Art and design is all about self expression and problem solving. Who’s solving the problem? The designer. Often I felt like God moving lines and shapes to my will on digital canvas. I actually like the feeling that no matter how uncontrollable life can be, I will always have a place in Illustrator where I have full control over. Design can almost be blasphemous.

I met someone today at church; however, who really is trying to find God in art. He was an Irvine Computer Science major who’s love was illustration. He was a great illustrator too. He showed me his sketchbook and it was filled with anime/Juno-like pen drawings. As he flipped through his pages, I saw robots, doodle-y monsters, and charismatic people.

Along with his sketches, he created a journal of short writings and sketches that could let out his emotions and prayers. It was quite beautiful to see his frustrations and passions in ink. Kristina used to do that until she got too busy. I thought it was a great exercise. You get to practice drawing, avoid the horrendous act of writing, and make a visual map of where your life has been. I always enjoy looking at my old journal entries and seeing how emo I have been over the years.

Invisiboy, the nickname the kids at church gave him, described himself as a seeker of other Christian designers that linked their two worlds together. He seemed like a more passionate version of me. It was beautiful to see his desire.

After talking to him, I was inspired to make a new blog entry. Hope you like my Scandinavian drop cap I based off of a tile in my backyard. I personally really like it.

italic blue v



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