Cartoon Metaphors

I was kind of bored today and my mind started to wonder on various things. I thought about what exactly a “laker” is. Yeah, I know that lakers are basketball players. I also know that the lakers originated from the Great Lakes but think about the title of “laker.” Supposedly, a laker is one that is near lakes. Well, do we have mountainers for those who are near mountains? Or riverers for those around rivers? How about oceaners for those around oceans? No. I just think people come up with a lot of funny words (not excluding myself).

Well, today I also thought about the title the Chinese give their painting tools: the four gentlemen. The four gentlemen are the brush, paper, ink, and ink stone. Calling them gentlemen made me laugh so I did a little doodle of gentlemanly painting tools.

cartoons of paper, brush, ink, and ink stone



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