Carpe Diem



So this week I got the opportunity to learn a lot about coin design. I got to learn about what coin designers get for instruction of design (not much), how coins are stamped (there are two different ways), why the dime and quarter have lines on the side (to show integrity), and what the metal looks like before it is turned into coins (large ribbons of metal). I got to watch the men and women polish the coins with large tumblers full of metal pellets, paint coins with these power sprayers, and individually inspect each and every coin. It was a fun experience.

So to honor this wonderful opportunity, I designed a coin for today’s design. On it has one of my favorite phrases: carpe diem. It means seize the day. Live your life like it is your last. Its such a phenomenal philosophy and so few of us actually do it.

I’m not sure about how well I rendered the coin. I think you can tell that I just used a lot of bevel effects and gradients to create the look of the coin. I know I have a bit to learn on how to render a 3D coin properly. I still like the design itself though. Well, I just have more to learn and I must seize every opportunity to do so.



Kristina Chung

Kristina Chung Avatar

I think you rendered the coin quite beautifully. good job! and that’s definitely a good philosophy that should be circulating around the world in everyone’s pocket :)

p.s. i still don’t quite grasp why there are lines on the dime and quarter, though?

Toño Rodriguez

Tono Rodriguez Avatar

I like the look of the coin too, and the philosophy as well. Ditto on the lines.

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