Bragging Time

illustrations of french pronouns

It's time for bragging because my sister got her first job! And she didn't just get any job. She got a super stellar one. My sister, Spencer, is now the lead French teacher at a public high school in a small town of Massachusetts. She went from French student not knowing what she wanted to do, to a teacher without a job, to a lead high school teacher. It was perfect. Oh, to better illustrate how big of a deal this is, here are a few other thoughts my sister had before even reaching a college French student:

  • Interior decorator
  • Choreographer
  • French ambassador
  • Formula 1 driver
  • NFL lineman
  • Ballerina
  • Part-time NFL lineman/part-time ballerina
  • and there was probably more but I can't think of them right now

Spencer has had a very bumpy ride to the place where she is now (she even got kicked out of France!) but I am so proud to see her finally blossom and quick but at her new school.


For one of the first things she wanted to do as a new teacher, was to decorate her walls. For the most part, she had all of her posters/decorations. She had been collecting things for over a year. But one thing she was missing was a poster demonstrating the different French pronouns:

English Singular Plural Formal
I je nous  
You tu vous vous
He/She il/elle ils/elles  

Illustration Process

When I sat down to illustrate them, I knew I wanted to do something quick and easy but still of quality. I also wanted it to be subtly French inspired. I decided on using the same style I used for a thank you card I made for my aunt and uncle when they helped pay for a flight for me to see Spencer in France.

The style is largely influenced by one of the most popular comic strips in France: The Adventures of Tintin. It started out as a Belgian comic in the 1920's and grew to become an international hit including a US tv show and movie. The comic used minimal, flat colors and bold lines with little varying weights. A perfect style for Illustrator's Blob brush tool. The tool instantly turns your brush strokes into an editable vector shape. Its a great way to sketch and creat finished products at the same time.

My sister loved the illustrations and I have yet to hear how they do to assist in the teaching, but hopefully they do the job.



Spencer Moulden

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Wow!!!! Now I am embrassed! Thanks Shelb! Yes I have wanted to be many things. I changed my mind often. But I do think I have found the place for me. At least for a decade or so. No one knows what the future holds. I am still hoping for the chance to go back to France or at least Europe!

Thanks again! Everyone loves them. Even the spanish teacher wants the posters for her classroom but in Spanish of course! They are cute, fun, and they are really affective! As well my classes watched TinTin in class this week and fell in love with the character!


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Thank you so much for these illustrations!! I teach French to asylum seekers in France (I'm a French native speaker), and was desperately looking for a way to teach them French pronouns. This will be perfect! Plus I love the style of the drawings!! Thanks a lot!! Greetings from Lyon in France :)

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