Bloody Genius!

So yesterday morning, I was taking a shower and thinking about the phrase “bloody genius.” Isn’t it a funny phrase? Someone does or says something smart and your first thought is to call them a bloody genius. Why? Think about what a bloody genius literally is: a dead or dying smart guy with blood all over himself. He could even be a mad genius who just killed a person Kill Bill-style. Hehe. That thought just popped into my head and it was kind of funny. Wow. My generation is so messed up if I thought a bloody massacre was funny. Kill Bill says so much about us.

Well, anyway, I decided to draw what I think about a bloody genius. I definitely had fun trying to make it gritty with more of the toothbrush effect (Photoshop should make a tool called that don’t you think?) and muting all of my water colors. Either way, I hope its not too gruesome for any of you though I don’t think its too bad.



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