BEWARE! Koala Wolverine!

When I sat down today to design today’s post, all I knew was that I wanted to watercolor. Out of ease, I decided to paint a few cartoon animals and thought a platypus was the best bet. They’re funny looking and have some character. When I started to come up with another animal, I soon came up with a koala. Aren’t they both in Australia? I know koalas are but are platypus too? Or are they in Madagascar?

Well, anyway, that doesn’t matter. But when I started drawing my koala, I noticed their fuzzy cheeks and how they remind me of chops. If you think about it, they kind of look like Wolverine from X-Men. Once I had that thought, I decided to push the idea and gave the Koala pointy ears and yellow fur. He was going to have a smile too but I didn’t think Wolverine would have one so I dropped. I really do like how the creative process works.

Yellow Koala making fun of Purple Platypus



Kristina Chung

Kristina Chung Avatar

reading your post made me wonder where the platypus is actually from, so i wikipediaed it and you’re right! they are from Australia. they’re even featured on australia’s 20 cent coin! i don’t entirely understand why the koala is asking that question to the platypus, but i like wolverine, so i like this one! hooray for watercolor in color!

Shelby Moulden

Shelby Moulden Avatar

The koala is saying that because the platypus is a weird animal to start off with but then I increased its weirdness even more by enlarging the head and making it purple. Thanks for the platypus fact though.

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