Battle of the Sexes

monkey robot Fenwick

I may have gotten one of the best Christmas presents ever: a font-bot. I've been bugging my girlfriend, Kristina, forever now to make a bot that could compete against one of my many robots made out of letters. Until this holiday season, she wouldn't compete against any of them:

Penelope the font bot

She was probably too scared too :) Nevertheless, Kristina finally constructed a worthy challenger: Penelope. Penelope probably is the non-living embodiment of Kristina's design style. She's cute, teal/purple, has big and unbalanced eyes, has a gigantic head, has twig limbs and has a variety of textures. Most of her drawings all share these common traits.

What Penelope doesn't share with all of Kristina's other creations is her bloody axe that she hides not so subtlety behind her back. Just like the designer, this robot is only cute on the outside.


To compete against this dangerous cutey, I created Kristina's greatest weakness: a monkey. You see, for whatever reason, when people first meet Kristina, they think her favorite animal is a monkey. Maybe its because she loves bananas so much. In college, my Bible study and I even held a Barrel of Monkeys themed birthday party for her. And no matter how many monkey gifts she gets, Kristina has always hated monkeys. :)

That is why I created a monkey robot. To be Penelope's Kryptonite. Hoopefully it works this week in the votes on

Once I decided on what type of robot I would make, I had to decide what typeface to use. After looking through all my fonts, I decided on Fenwick. It's a fairly simple sans serif with a hint of character. After making 4 font-bots already, I knew I wanted to use a sans serif because they are so much easier to work with. The serifs seemed to always sneak into all the wrong places. But because I was making a monkey, I couldn't just use a simple font like Futura, Helvetica or Gotham. I needed some flair and personality. I needed the zest of Fenwick.

original sketch of Fenwick the monkey bot



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