Aren't Old Cartoons Great?



Ok, so today I made a fictitious flyer for the spcaLA. It is meant to be posted around animal shelters advertising people to buy old dogs that people don’t want anymore. If someone does adopt one of these animals, spcaLA will even give them a deal on the dog. I think its a phenomenal cause because old dogs can be great and they shouldn’t be forgotten just because they aren’t as cute as the puppies. I think all animal shelters should have this deal.

Either way, the campaign is called the Underdog Rewards which I imagine will invoke memories of shoe polishers, female dog reporters, and puppies that take pills to get super powers in anyone older than 18. That’s because there was a great cartoon back in the day with Bullwinkle, Rocky, and Duddly Dooright called Underdog that starred a humble shoe polishing dog that would take these pills to get super powers and fight the forces of evil (or just save the female reporter that seemed to always get in trouble).

I started thinking about old cartoons though. We always remember them be awesome. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Captain Planet, Scooby-Doo, Coyote and Roadrunner. We thought these were utter genius. If however you watch one of these cartoons now like I did, you will be surprised how crappy they are. They’re predictable, slow, no chance of realism, and just kind of boring. I mean, if Coyote can afford a missile to catch the Roadrunner, why can’t he just order a pizza? Why the heck would Mother Earth give 5 random kids power rings and how do they all know English and can fly a plane even though they are from different countries and social groups? How is anchovy-cream cheese-lasagna-pepporoni-mint chocolate chip ice cream pizza funny? My thought is that we’ve grown up sense then and people humor change over the years. Whatever the reason, just remember that you were 5 when you watched that cartoon that you love.

Dog picture was taken by the wonderful doglington.



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