• When We Were Young

    Humanoid gecko

    Don’t you love looking back at your past work and realizing how crappy you were? It reminds you of how much you've grown. Its also a reminder of how much more growth you have ahead of yourself.

  • Start a Sentence with the Letter Q

    Dropcap Q

    Can you start a normal, conversational sentence that starts with the letter Q? Its difficult. It seems like most q words are adjectives and odd nouns. Check out what sentence I used for the challenge.

  • The Great Escape

    abstract drawing

    You see a lot of non-representational artwork in modern art. Many in the general public think its a joke because its supposedly so easy to make. I would argue that non-representational artwork may be the most challenging because its so counter our normal way of thinking.

  • Beware of Baggers

    Angry Bag Boy

    Last of a set of random doodles, here's a random drawing of a grocery bagger.

  • Who should be the Millionaires

    Crazy lunch lady

    Ever think about how we decide how much one job is worth compared to another? Now think about if we changed the scales. It could be a scary world.

  • Jan Etor

    Crazy janitor

    Ever feel like you're in a rut? What do you do in those times? Today I was feeling that way and I decided to doodle.

  • Griffith Park

    Park logo

    Ever see a logo somewhere and fall in love with an aspect of it? I found one on a hike yesterday that used an element really cool but sagged on the rest. Today's post is appropriating that cool element.

  • Cartoon Metaphors


    Ever think about metaphors and then want to draw a cartoon of it. I actually do that a lot. Today I was thinking about the metaphor the Chinese give their painting tools: the four gentlemen.

  • The Joy of Other Cultures

    P drop cap

    Watch the new Prince of Persia movie and fall in love with Middle Eastern art? I doubt it. There wasn't really any in it. If you do go and look at it though, you'll see how complex, detailed, and divine it is.

  • House Decoration

    Water color painting with fish

    Wanting to give my bathroom a little flair without spending anything, I decided to paint a small little scene that would match the beautiful colors of my bathroom: black, white, and yellow.