Drawing Posts

  • Violent Santa

    angry Santa

    To get in the spirit of the holidays, let me share with you a Christmas tradition I have: I daydream about Santa going on one violent rampage in the north pole!

  • Up

    drawing of happy wedding couple

    For a friend's wedding, I made an illustration of them floating up in the air by a piano pulled by thumb print balloons.

  • Puns Galore

    Cowboy made out of type

    With a pun like Sans Sheriff, how can you say no to making a third font-bot? I can't.

  • Free Verse

    Illustration of giant bee monster

    After a busy Labor Day weekend moving my site's hosting plan from GoDaddy to Host Gator, I decided I wanted to draw a simple illustration.

  • The Other Shelby

    Trojan horse robot made out of Trajan Pro font

    There have been few Shelbys in my life but one stuck out the most to me. She didn't like typography or font-bots, but she did like horses.

  • Sweep the Leg

    Robot ninja made out of letters

    With much excitement, I've submitted another font bot. Hopefully having a themed robot will get him even farther than Futura.

  • Coat of Arms

    Moulden coat of arms

    After looking at the art of Erica Sirotich and thinking of my Grandpa's love of family trees, I decided to modernize the Moulden family crest.

  • Bragging Time

    illustration of french pronouns

    To help my sister decorate her new high school French classroom, I created posters demonstrating the different French pronouns.

  • Snowflake in Winter

    Honda Civic Transformer robot

    For Thanksgiving, I made my Honda Civic more than meets the eye!