Drawing Posts

  • Beauty of a Card

    Playing card decorated skateboard

    With the rise in popularity with poker or the long history and mythology of playing cards, motifs using spades, aces, jacks, and kings have rose in distribution. We designers will always be influenced by these shifts in culture, whether intentionally or not, and I was the other day. I was just thinking about what I should make and I came up with a king motif.

  • Design Compliments

    Tobasco Cartoon

    When I was a kid, I was told that I was going to be the next Picasso or De Vinci. People like complimenting art to the extreme which is a dangerous thing because it can put some expectations in a kid's head that shouldn't be there.

  • BEWARE! Koala Wolverine!

    Wolverine koala

    Ever travel to new worlds while drawing? I have. I begin in front of a piece of paper, pencil in hand, and next thing I know, I'm drawing something else I would have never thought other wise.

  • Prelude

    boy with imaginary lizard

    Remember that younger version of yourself that drove people nuts? Yeah, we were all little pests when we were kids. Well, those kids made us who we are today and for that, they deserve to be saluted.

  • Snow Day!

    Eskimo cartoon

    Ever imagine your pet dogs pulling a sled. Yeah, I know. They would do a horrible job. Pets are too lazy and undisciplined to do something like that. At least they would be cute though.

  • Dr. Seuss goes to Mars

    alien drawing

    Want to see what a little Photo Booth and a little imagination can take a person? See how this person turned out. I doubt you could recognize them.

  • Stereotypes

    Asian man drawing

    Playing up Chinese stereotypes, I decided to transform a funny face my girlfriend gave me today into a total fu man chu cliche.

  • Fun with the English Language


    Ever laugh over the phrasing people use to say something? I do it all the time. The English language is full of quirks and phrases that wouldn't work if we didn't grow up with them. It also plays tricks with our tongues and lips. Our mouth says "sex" after saying "ex" too many times and we read "I love you" when someone mouths "olive juice." Well, today celebrates both Valentine's Day and this phenomenon.

  • Angry Gnome

    Angry Gnome

    Aren't grumpy people cute sometimes? I think so. Well, at least when they're fictitious. Real people who are grumpy make me sad. Anyway, here is another Photo Booth illustration of me distorted.

  • Electro Talons!

    electro talons

    So what do comic book nerds do other than imagine being a super hero? They come up with inventions that should be made by brilliant and bored scientists and engineers. That's what today's design consists of.