Archive: February 2010

  • Star Wars Meets Led Zeppelin?

    space scene

    Polymorphous Light Eruption: allergy or kick-ass rock band? Maybe both? Today, I made an album cover for this made-up rock band and got to learn how to make Photoshop space scenes at the same time.

  • Frankenstein

    Dropcap G

    Ever fall in love with an aspect of a typeface and want to combine it with another typeface characteristic that you like? Well, today I played Frankenstein and combined the flourishes of old Western block lettering with the non-vertical axises of a variety of typefaces. Want to see what I created?

  • Save Me From The Trolls!

    Dala Horse Pattern

    Did you know that I am part Swede? Well, I am. With that bloodline, comes a couple of traditions, including the oldest daughter serving breakfast in December wearing a funny costume, eating a lot of pastries, and having a Dala horse in their house. Well, today, I made pattern to celebrate all of that.

  • Month One: Done-o!

    alien with beanie

    One month down in making this blog, the rest of my life time to go. Today we are celebrating the first month of Design of the Day with another Photo Booth creation. Want to see what obscure alien we can make?