Typography Posts

  • Start a Sentence with the Letter Q

    Dropcap Q

    Can you start a normal, conversational sentence that starts with the letter Q? Its difficult. It seems like most q words are adjectives and odd nouns. Check out what sentence I used for the challenge.

  • First Step

    giant whale eating sail boat

    Trying to cure a case of the downers, my girlfriend sent me some inspirational quotes that inspired a design.

  • Stoner Mind

    Album cover

    How do you feel after a long day with waking up early? I felt like robots were ripping out of my head to transform the world into a 1984-like city of cement and steel.

  • Happy Waitangi Day!

    Beautiful Landscape

    Celebrate New Zealand Day with me!

  • What Shall I Do Today?

    S drop cap

    I had a few entry ideas today but not floated my boat. Hope you like what I eventually came up with.

  • Speech Impediment

    Topographic map

    Growing up I had a difficulty speaking. I was born with my tongue not fully detached from the roof of my mouth and when I finally had surgery to fix this problem, I wasn't prepared to talk properly. After years of speech classes; however, I am now able to talk normally. I do though have some relapses every once in a while.

  • The Joy of Going to Church

    Jesus vaccine

    Obviously everyone with their own religious beliefs are full of opinions on Church. I actually enjoy it a lot. Well, most of the timeā€¦

  • Cool Response

    K drop cap

    Last week I was asked to make a tattoo inspired from one of my earlier posts. Check out my reply him.

  • The Joy of Other Cultures

    P drop cap

    Watch the new Prince of Persia movie and fall in love with Middle Eastern art? I doubt it. There wasn't really any in it. If you do go and look at it though, you'll see how complex, detailed, and divine it is.

  • Painting Again

    Chinese poem

    Ever go somewhere that you haven't been to for a really long time? Doesn't it bring back memories, both good and bad, that make you celebrate that place? Well Du Fu did in a poem called Traveling Again and I'm going to have to agree with him.