Painting Posts

  • What Painting is Now

    tree water color painting

    What do you when you are stressed out? Eat ice cream, punch walls, exercise, throw watermelon off roofs, or bottle it in? I found out tonight that I like to paint.

  • Respecting Our Elders

    Chinese watercolor painting skateboard

    I wonder why skate board designers haven't used more Chinese paintings in their designs. They are beautiful and are formatted so perfectly for skate boards. Heck, Chinese elements are scattered around our culture already, why not celebrate where those elements came from.

  • White People Suck!

    archer girl

    Before thinking I'm a total racist jerk against my own ethnicity, read the post that explains one reason why white people make the world a little more difficult place.

  • Some New Friends


    Trying out some new Chinese Watercolor tools that I got for my birthday, I painted a popular Chinese symbol for divinity, enlightenment, and good luck. Its a beautiful symbol and I was aiming to paint the feelings of freedom that it generates.

  • What is Strength?

    Tattooed arm

    Do you find an appreciation towards tattoo artists? I do. I think they are phenomenal artists. Today I tried to celebrate the beauty of Mexican tattoo artists. I obviously didn't get close their mastery but it was fun playing with the medium.

  • Ribbit! Ribbit!

    painted frog

    Why is the frog Saint Valentine's mascot? I'm not sure. I don't think it should but I still think its one of my favorite animals.

  • Electro Talons!

    electro talons

    So what do comic book nerds do other than imagine being a super hero? They come up with inventions that should be made by brilliant and bored scientists and engineers. That's what today's design consists of.

  • Chinese Watercolor

    watercolor painting of dog

    A portrait of my mom’s dog in one of my favorite styles.

  • Marble Clouds


    Ever stare into the clouds and imagine dragons and bunny rabbits. Well, I saw a weird alien in my shower marble.

  • Good Old Days


    Referring back to my childhood hobby, I Photoshop painted my friend, Tony, into his own super hero.