Drawing Posts

  • What Shall I Do Today?

    S drop cap

    I had a few entry ideas today but not floated my boat. Hope you like what I eventually came up with.

  • After Two Weeks...

    Burrito fighting a sandwich

    After not posting anything on my blog for two weeks due to moving and starting a new job, you'd think that I would make something really cool. Well, sorry to disappoint. I posted a weird sketch that I drew when sick.

  • I Want to Look Like Him

    Cartoon boy

    Is it sad that I think a drawing of me is cooler than the real thing? How about you be the judge.

  • Happy Australia Day!

    koala boomerang

    Its sad that so many holidays get passed up without anyone knowing. For this reason, I bring up Australia's 4th of July. Let us all celebrate this grand day in support of our super cool neighbors across the sea.

  • I See Something in my Bed

    Japanese mask

    Is there something moving in there? As I wake from the vague memories of dreams, I see something in the corner of my eye. What is it? Its like the sheets are moving. Almost like the alien from Evolution crawling underneath the skin of Professor Harry Block.

  • Ranger's Inspiration

    Power Ranger-like character

    Luckily, after exactly a year after creating this blog, I'm still working on it (even though not as religiously as I would have hoped). Today's design was inspired of a need to draw when I got up this morning. Enjoy.

  • When We Were Young

    Humanoid gecko

    Don’t you love looking back at your past work and realizing how crappy you were? It reminds you of how much you've grown. Its also a reminder of how much more growth you have ahead of yourself.

  • The Great Escape

    abstract drawing

    You see a lot of non-representational artwork in modern art. Many in the general public think its a joke because its supposedly so easy to make. I would argue that non-representational artwork may be the most challenging because its so counter our normal way of thinking.

  • Who should be the Millionaires

    Crazy lunch lady

    Ever think about how we decide how much one job is worth compared to another? Now think about if we changed the scales. It could be a scary world.

  • Cartoon Metaphors


    Ever think about metaphors and then want to draw a cartoon of it. I actually do that a lot. Today I was thinking about the metaphor the Chinese give their painting tools: the four gentlemen.