Archive: March 2010

  • Snow Day!

    Eskimo cartoon

    Ever imagine your pet dogs pulling a sled. Yeah, I know. They would do a horrible job. Pets are too lazy and undisciplined to do something like that. At least they would be cute though.

  • What Painting is Now

    tree water color painting

    What do you when you are stressed out? Eat ice cream, punch walls, exercise, throw watermelon off roofs, or bottle it in? I found out tonight that I like to paint.

  • Dr. Seuss goes to Mars

    alien drawing

    Want to see what a little Photo Booth and a little imagination can take a person? See how this person turned out. I doubt you could recognize them.

  • Dala K

    Letter K

    It is amazing what kind of ideas you can come up with after you just take a tour around your house. I took one and came up with several ideas for a letter K.

  • Aren't Old Cartoons Great?


    At least that was what I thought before I tried watching some of the old ones. They're actually really boring, slow, and predictable. I'm not saying that new ones are any better but that doesn't excuse the old ones. Oh, and I also made a new flyer. Hehe.

  • Respecting Our Elders

    Chinese watercolor painting skateboard

    I wonder why skate board designers haven't used more Chinese paintings in their designs. They are beautiful and are formatted so perfectly for skate boards. Heck, Chinese elements are scattered around our culture already, why not celebrate where those elements came from.

  • Taking the Sky

    Kite festival poster

    Needing something to make a flyer for, I decided to take one of Morro Bay's more popular events: its annual kite festival.