• The Underdog

    Under the Bleachers

    Do you get almost tired of all the underdog stories that we read and watch? Even though they are always inspiring and make you want to go out and fulfill all your dreams come true, they do get repetitive at times. Today, I added to the repetition and made a book cover for yet another underdog story.

  • Tribute to Crazy Weather

    Snowing night

    Being inspired from the crazy weather and intense snow we've been getting here, I made another Chinese painting. The mission: either through a story or a painting help you understand the feeling I get being stuck in a snow storm. Good luck!

  • The Triton

    Dropcap E

    Trying to make an unusual letter E, I decided to try and echo the elements of the great king of the sea: Neptune!

  • Where's the Yellow?

    Yellow River

    Part two of the Yellow River series, here is another version of the same book cover I made yesterday.

  • Yellow River

    Yellow River

    Today, I created a book cover for a fictional book that explores the depths of ancient China.

  • Old Rivalries

    Apple flinging through window

    After a request from my neighbor, I made an illustration of a bitter rivalry that almost every IT guy I know has fought over.

  • Least Favorite Letter

    Dropcap D

    Bark bark?

  • Typonaut


    Want to know what happens when you combine brushing your teeth with skateboarding? You create cool skateboard designs!

  • The Alchemist

    desert traveller with camel

    Combining Prince of Persia with The Alchemist, I made another super hero out of a really good friend of mine. Check out this one because it even comes with a camel!

  • A Little Night Life

    Stormy Weather

    Inspired by the Type Directors Club and the song, Frank Sinatra, by Cake, I typographically represented the glamour and lights of the night life. Doing so, I also got to use a new typeface I got yesterday and play with a new effect.