• What is Strength?

    Tattooed arm

    Do you find an appreciation towards tattoo artists? I do. I think they are phenomenal artists. Today I tried to celebrate the beauty of Mexican tattoo artists. I obviously didn't get close their mastery but it was fun playing with the medium.

  • Start of a Mexican Influence?

    rock metal album cover

    After a few days taking a break from the posts to hang out with my lovely girlfriend in So Cal, I decided to make an album cover blending themes from both 80's rock metal and the stereotypical Mexican art found on tortilla chip bags. Let's see how I did.

  • Ribbit! Ribbit!

    painted frog

    Why is the frog Saint Valentine's mascot? I'm not sure. I don't think it should but I still think its one of my favorite animals.

  • Expanding Strokes

    Dropcap H

    Only having time to make a drop cap today, I decided to make an H in a way that took much longer than I had planned for.

  • Fun with the English Language


    Ever laugh over the phrasing people use to say something? I do it all the time. The English language is full of quirks and phrases that wouldn't work if we didn't grow up with them. It also plays tricks with our tongues and lips. Our mouth says "sex" after saying "ex" too many times and we read "I love you" when someone mouths "olive juice." Well, today celebrates both Valentine's Day and this phenomenon.

  • Angry Gnome

    Angry Gnome

    Aren't grumpy people cute sometimes? I think so. Well, at least when they're fictitious. Real people who are grumpy make me sad. Anyway, here is another Photo Booth illustration of me distorted.

  • Electro Talons!

    electro talons

    So what do comic book nerds do other than imagine being a super hero? They come up with inventions that should be made by brilliant and bored scientists and engineers. That's what today's design consists of.

  • Comic Colors

    Villian board

    Know what Superman, Spider-man, Wolverine, and Wonder Woman have in common? How about the Joker, Lex Luthor, Dr. Doom, and the Hob Goblin? Can you tell the common thread between the Hulk, Gambit, and Martian Manhunter? The answer is color. For decades comic book artists have been defining their heroes and villains by color and today I defined a skateboard by color.

  • What Girls Come Up With

    Radiantly Gay Pig

    In the middle of the night where there is nothing to do, girls can be really creative. In their pj's and computer in hand, they can create some weird songs, dances, and jokes that no one else thinks is funny. I think that is the reason why I think they are so cute: they're just weird. Today's post celebrates one of those weird creations they came up with one late boring night.

  • Star Wars Meets Led Zeppelin?

    space scene

    Polymorphous Light Eruption: allergy or kick-ass rock band? Maybe both? Today, I made an album cover for this made-up rock band and got to learn how to make Photoshop space scenes at the same time.