Archive: February 2010

  • Aren't Old Cartoons Great?


    At least that was what I thought before I tried watching some of the old ones. They're actually really boring, slow, and predictable. I'm not saying that new ones are any better but that doesn't excuse the old ones. Oh, and I also made a new flyer. Hehe.

  • Respecting Our Elders

    Chinese watercolor painting skateboard

    I wonder why skate board designers haven't used more Chinese paintings in their designs. They are beautiful and are formatted so perfectly for skate boards. Heck, Chinese elements are scattered around our culture already, why not celebrate where those elements came from.

  • Taking the Sky

    Kite festival poster

    Needing something to make a flyer for, I decided to take one of Morro Bay's more popular events: its annual kite festival.

  • White People Suck!

    archer girl

    Before thinking I'm a total racist jerk against my own ethnicity, read the post that explains one reason why white people make the world a little more difficult place.

  • New Mission

    cat cartoon

    What is your design weakness? Everyone has one. Some can't use photography. Others can't use illustrations. Some can only use one design style and others can only design for one medium. I've found that poster design is my beast that I must conquer. Wish me luck in this challenge.

  • It's Finally Here

    hand lotion

    The post I've been planning on doing for weeks now has finally been made! Hurray! It was even as bad as I thought it would be. Who would have guessed?

  • The Forgotten

    Dropcap I

    Do you ever feel like you neglect abstract ideas and objects. I do sometimes and that's why I've decided to make this design in honor of the letter I mistreated.

  • Remember Gum Ball Rally?

    J drop cap

    Thoughtlessly forgetting the letter I, I designed the letter J today. I had a few ideas for this one, including deer, octopus, and jaguar, but I ended up going with gum balls. What was I thinking? :)

  • Some New Friends


    Trying out some new Chinese Watercolor tools that I got for my birthday, I painted a popular Chinese symbol for divinity, enlightenment, and good luck. Its a beautiful symbol and I was aiming to paint the feelings of freedom that it generates.

  • Stereotypes

    Asian man drawing

    Playing up Chinese stereotypes, I decided to transform a funny face my girlfriend gave me today into a total fu man chu cliche.