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I did it again. I made another font-bot. I think I may be addicted. :)

Actually, this new bot, Sans Sheriff, was born in the middle of construction of Daniel Sans. Me and my co-workers had just figured out Danny's name and were about to figure out how to illustrate him. My friend, Andrew, was still in naming mode so he couldn't help come up with more names. All of the names were crap except for one: Sans Sheriff. It was amazing.

But I was still in the process of making Daniel Sans so I put the font cowboy in the corrals. Now, two weeks later, I submitted Daniel Sans, who won his first week without a sweat, and spent the time working on font-bot 3.


When I first started working on the sheriff, I googled cartoon cowboys for inspiration. My favorite was this crook with a big mustache. Taking elements from him, I knew how I wanted my sheriff to have a big hat, bandana and mustache.

With so much concern over his head, I built it first. I loved my idea of using parenthesis and curly brackets for his nose. I at first couldn't figure out how to do the mustache because the "J" serifs were messing up the cool nose. It wasn't till I made the guns, which use white letters on black letters, that I came up with a solution. I overlapped the mustache serifs and then put the curly brace on top, making it white.

For the rest of his body, I just did trial and error. I spent an entire morning changing his arms, legs and torso. In the end though, I'm quite proud. I think he's my best font-bot yet.

Cowboy made out of Rockwell type



Cal Cantrell

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I love this! The asterisk badge and spurs, that mustache, just wow!

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